Sunday, August 28, 2011

WE DID IT! Photos from the day before the ball...!

WE DID IT! We made our 18,000$ kickstarter goal!

We can't thank our friends, family, and supporters enough for making this year's Blackfly ball and August Workparty happen. The ball was amazing, and so were the final days of the workparty! We've got tons of photos, and here are some of the last 24 hours before the ball. Stay tuned for photos from the night of the ball.

If you want to see even more photos, our photographer friend Nicola Krebill is here taking hundreds of photos every day! You can check out his Flickr account to see more!

Bill continues working on the beautiful lanterns up in the park...

Here's Claire helping hang our beautifully hand sewn and stenciled flags.

Check back for pictures of the finished park decorations in all their glory.

The screenprint studio was busting out beautiful prints non-stop the day and night before the ball...

The New Orleans Eris flag team rehearsed on the finished deck for their daytime performance at the blueberry festival with Hungry March Band.

We were lucky enough to have talented artists creating beautiful signs to hang all over the park.

Including some DIY road signs to help keep truck traffic down when people traffic was at its highest.

We did lots of work to create structures to hang banners and lights from, so we could illuminate the park through the misty Maine evening.

A team of folks reassembled our fantastic fairbooth to sell posters and crafts during the festival

It's a team effort to put it all up!

As one of our many tables throughout the weekend- the fairbooth served as a hot spot for beehive posters, patches, and educational materials- as well as all the really amazing hand bound books, screen printed posters and patches, delicately painted buttons, hand sewn bags... and so so much more. These lovely crafts were an intricate part of finishing strong with our fundraising campaign.

It's also a huge group effort to cook for 300 people! Here's our kitchen crew with a massive food prep party of vegetable chopping!

Whew, check out that slaw!

Of course, we had thousands of posters to roll to get ready for the big night, and it took a whole slew of people to make it happen.

Working nearby to the poster rollers were the folks who were learning how to do a beautiful Mexican fabric cut-out backdrop.

Like many of the hand made decorations at the ball- it carried the theme of the blue orchard bee.

It got finished just in time!

We had an evening show the night before the ball. Look at that beautiful backdrop! Here's our friends The Auroratones performing the night before to get us ready for the ball!

Stay tuned for the photos of the blackfly ball!

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