Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week Three... busy bees!

It's hard to believe it's already week three of our Summer Work Party. We've made tons of progress on a collection of projects for the Beehive & groups in town... check it out!
This work is only possible because of the enthusiastic energy of volunteers and the generous donations of our supporters from near and far. We can't do this without you! Please visit our Kickstarter Campaign and consider making a donation to get our worker bees over the finish line. You can also give us cash or check donations at our house (101 court street in Machias), at the Machias Valley Grange & Cultural Center (1 Elm Street). Project collaborators include the Machias Rotary Club and Viking Lumber, which is generously providing lumber at cost.

The Deck project is still underway! We're almost finished!! Check out this video taken by our collaborator and dear friend Mike Shannon!
Our intention is not only to complete our building projects, but to teach carpentry skills to folks who want to learn.

The stairwell wheelchair lift project is moving along smoothly!

Since we last posted, our effort to help build two canoes for Gedakina, Inc came to a close.

We're painting one of the buildings downtown that hosts lots of local businesses, including the Whole Life Market... which also provides us with much-needed snack infusions!

We also are building temporary stages for the outdoor performances during the ball next week.

Here's Nella cutting supports for the second stage!

Every morning we start the day with group announcements

Don't forget- we have fun, too! Ninja is our favorite collective game.

We take trips down to Bags of Rags often... the best thrift store in the world!

We have volunteers not only creating and making things, but also taking care of all the things that keep our hive working... like going to the dump!

At the craft house, folks are working on screenprinting crafts to sell at the blueberry festival.

Folks of all kinds of experience levels are working and creating together.

We also have dance parties!

Our meals are getting larger and larger every day...

We also have to do more and more dishes...

...and bake more and more bread!

The puppet show set is looking beautiful!

The blueberry set designers are seen here projecting their designs...

... next week we'll show you photos of the finished product!

...of course, we're still scraping paint off the house.

...and almost every day we still find time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.Check back next week for more info!

If you want to see even more photos, our photographer friend Nicola Krebill is here taking hundreds of photos every day! You can check out his Flickr account to see more!


  1. Great to see details of all the wonderful works you have going on!

  2. You all are doing great work, was in town this morning, hope to see you at the "Blackfly Ball" in 6 hours, hope you all come back, Machias & surrounding areas are great place to live! etc. Thanks so much your handicapped (CP) supporter Nome